Business Development: Exploring Business Opportunities
with Arca Galleon

Arca Galleon Agriventures, Inc. has and continues to be at the forefront in providing superior agricultural and livestock solutions for the Philippine market. Over the past seventeen years, our Company has successfully partnered with some of the industry’s leading local and foreign brands for the sale and distribution of Animal Nutrition, Animal Health and agricultural inputs / products for the Philippines and the region. 

We welcome the opportunity to partner with your organization whether such engagements be exclusive distributorships, product licensing agreements, joint ventures for specific or limited projects, or other like arrangements.

Arca Galleon maintains an exceptional sales force that has the technical and marketing experience to ensure the success of your products. We always work closely with our partners to devise and execute a customized results-oriented business plan. We can assist you in penetrating your market segments and sustaining your client base over the long term. Our intimate familiarity of local business practices coupled with our broad competencies will help your organization navigate the local commercial and regulatory environment. 

As part of our sustainable brand management program, we are fully capable of conducting comprehensive marketing and field trials before commencing with any major undertaking.



With an established reputation for integrity and a strict cannon of business ethics, Arca Galleon negotiates each and every contract with the client in mind. Our past and standing memoranda of agreement with our business partners have involved the following features and benefits:

1. Comprehensive Business Plan that allows clients to maximize our existing portfolio and network of industry players and stakeholders;

2. Oversight and management of logistical aspects of doing business in the Philippines including but not limited to handling of import documentation, customs brokerage and customs/arrastre release, cold, dry, and wet warehousing, coordinating phytosanitary permits, security of goods, as well as the safe and efficient transport of products throughout the country;

3. Expert brand management inclusive of promotional and advertorial campaigns, as well as product participation and exposure in local and regional trade shows;

4. Collaborative approach to marketing and sales with our principals and partners;

5. Solid and comprehensive metric–based reportorial with qualitative assessments on bench-marked performance of accounts.

6. Inventory control, as well as financial and accounting reports which are subject to third –party independent audit;

7. Monitoring and legal defense of your brand, trademark, and other proprietary rights in the local market;

8. Superior after sales handling of clients;

9. Non-competition and non-disclosure, and confidentiality clauses pursuant to negotiated terms;

10. Access to facilities and accredited third party service providers of Arca Galleon for purposes of laboratory testing and analysis of products, as well as their tolling, mixing, and production for the local market, all of which operate under internationally accepted standards.

For further inquiries, letters of intent, or project proposals, you may get directly in touch with our Sales and Marketing through email: