About - Mission Statements


Arca Galleon shall actively pursue all of its activities with a firm and disciplined commitment to the spirit of entrepreneurship, a precept which guided our founding principals. In this regard, we shall continually scan the business landscape for opportunities, maximize returns for our shareholders, minimize costs, while always mitigating the attendant risks of doing business. We will cultivate our relationships with our customers for the long term which we will do by adhering to strict cannon of business ethics and integrity.


AG shall seek to be the forefront in advocating Industry Best Practices for the Agricultural Industry by staying abreast of the latest trends and developments that have consequence for our customers. Our products and service lines will always be relevant in the markets we serve and shall be subject to our own stringent standards of excellence before being offered to the consumer.


We shall always value our customers because we are dependent on them for our own well-being and success. We shall interface with them regularly. We will hear and listen to them and recognize they are a business just as we are. Our business processes will be conducted with the needs of the customer in mind and shall strive to minimize any inconvenience on their part.

In providing our services, we shall aim for simplicity so that our clients will have a clear understanding. We shall engender the trust and confidence of our customers by being accessible after sales have been rendered, ready to address their concerns. Our transactions will be as seamless as circumstances will permit and shall be delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

We shall be transparent and sensitive to their needs with the ultimate aim of providing value laden products and services.


We shall strive to do our share in nation building. Reciprocity will be foremost on our minds in the communities in which we operate. We shall live by a credo that our level of profit is intricately allied to the way in which we are perceived.